We have sufficient loading and unloading facility at the raw material yard and area for storing different grades of steel separately using proper identification of each bar/plate as per the color code chart given by Customer/Client.

We carry out strict incoming inspection & testing of raw material like dimension, visual, chemical composition, physical properties, metallurgical testing, etc. as per material control plan.


 6 MM to 20 MM Diameter & Length Upto 150 MM
Profile forging Wt. 0.050 Kg. to 0.75 Kg.

6 MM to 52 MM Diameter
Profile forging Wt. 0.10 Kg to 7.00 Kg.

Components Wt.. .35 Kg. to 15.00 Kg.

Shafts- Diameter upto 350 MM, Minimum forging reduction ratio 3.5:1, Length upto 5000 Mtrs.
Blanks- Diameter upto 1200 MM
Combination Open/Semi Die profiles upto 150 Kg.

Normalizing, Annealing, Through Hardening, Case hardening, Induction Hardening, Solution Annealing Heat-treatment Capability Length upto 2.2 Mtr.

Carbon Steels, Alloy Steels, Austenitic/ Ferrite / Martensite Stainless Steels, Inconel ®, Monel ® Modified Chemistry
We supply above components duly heat-treated , Finish Machined & Grinded.
Machining Capablity :
Conventional Lathe : Maximum Diameter : 1000 MM
Maximum Length : 5000 MM

Minimum Diameter : 10 MM
Maximum Diameter : 450 MM
Maximum Length : 1600 MM
VMC : Maximum Size 600x800x2000 MM

We have a balanced facility to cut the material in required weight and length using a circular band saw (cap. 300mm)and We carry out quality inspection like Dimension, weight & visual inspection of cut blanks/billets before issuance for further process.

We have a precision Machine for CNC Profile Cutting Machine/Plasma cutting for plate Cutting with a capacity of 4mm to 200mm. And heavy fabrication facilities.

We also provide finished products as per client design/product.


  1. Oil and Gas Industries
  2. Agriculture & Earth Moving Industries
  3. Hydraulic & Pneumatic Power Product Manufacturing Industries
  4. Machine-tool Manufacturing Industries
  5. Valve and Actuator Manufacturing Industries
  6. Nail Machine Manufacturing Industries
  7. Power Industries
  8.  Pharmaceutical Industries
  9. Construction Industries
  10. Automation Industries
  11. Heavy Fabrication Industries
  12.  R & D Industries
  13. Automobile Industries
  14. Product Development Industries